Meet the team

Owner & Photographers - Uptown Imaging


Meet the team

Owner & Photographers - Uptown Imaging

Hello, I'm Ryan.

I am a London & Hertfordshire Photographer at Uptown Imaging.

I can remember way back, i was about 10 years old when i first got my hands on a camera, on holiday with Mum, Dad and Sister, on the little Spanish island of Majorca. I can still see that photograph in my mind....

Most of my early photography years was spent with a Miranda SLR at airports and airshows shooting film at the aircraft, this was the start of my love for photography and flying!

In 2003 i joined the digital age and bought my first Canon digital SLR, a brand new Canon 10D with telephoto lens. It wasn't until a friend who knew i was a bit of a camera geek asked me to piggy back his paid photographer at his wedding just to grab a few extra pictures. I took him up on the offer and snapped away!, needless to say i was quite happy with the results...

It wasn't long before my friends brother was also looking for wedding photographers and i was pleasantly surprised when he asked me to be his sole photographer!- with no added pressure!!

I am passionate about photography and i love to capture those special moments, re-telling the story of the day through the lens on my camera, knowing that that exact moment can never be recreated in the same way again, and that i was there to record it never to be forgotten.

I believe your wedding day should be fun filled and relaxed, the build up to any wedding can be quite a stressful event, my aim is to ensure your big day runs as smoothly as possible, theres nothing better than to hear your clients were reduced to tears of joy when they view their wedding photo's for the first time!

I am married myself, i have one daughter who means the world to me, i live 20 minutes from the centre of London and am passionate about travelling, my favourite places are those with a diverse culture completely different from my own. South East Asia for me offers a whole new world of experiences from photography to food!

When I'm not photographing or travelling i still love to indulge in one of my most passionate of hobbies - Flying, i am fortunate to have a private pilot's licence and i part own a small 4 seater aircraft, so next time your friends want a special engagement, send them my way and join me at 3,000 feet to pop the question....!


London & Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer


Hi I'm Paul.

I am a London and Buckinghamshire Photographer at Uptown Imaging.

I have worked as a photographer with Uptown Imaging for 4 years as well as running my own business specialising in newborn & commercial photography. I am a self taught photographer having grown up with a passion for many types of art. After purchasing my first digital camera this developed more specifically into a love of photography.

I enjoy capturing those really special moments and creating long lasting memories through the lens of my camera. My role with Uptown Imaging has taken me to many beautiful venues across the UK as well as abroad where my images have subsequently been used in promotional wedding material.


Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer


Hello, I'm Chris.

I am a London Photographer at Uptown Imaging.

The journey with photography started for me when a family friend gave me a camera and access to his darkroom. Ever since my childhood its been my passion and to this day i still get a buzz from picking up a camera.

My history involves a lot of experimenting, many good pictures, the odd bad one!, i also hold a BA in photojournalism and documentary photography. While you are enjoying your day i mingle with your guests and capture the moments you won't even realise happened.

The day to day job for me is working for a UK airline and it certainly leaves me well prepared to deal with all types of people and situations. As part of the team at Uptown Imaging we work together and bring a wide variety of skills to make sure your special day is covered from every angle.


London Wedding Photographer